Topping my list of things they really should teach you in your birthing class but don’t (and it’s a long list, believe me) is the variety of afflictions affecting your nether regions, post-baby. Who knew it would be like giving birth all over again!
So when a friend sent me an array of Earth Mama Angel Baby postpartum recovery products while I was still pregnant, I tossed them in the medicine cabinet, having no idea that they would become the single most essential gift I received.
All the Earth Mama products are entirely organic, and have a nice light woodsy smell – none of those heavy perfumes or artificial scents. But most importantly, they work. The Bottom Balm is God’s gift to swollen tissues (okay, hemmorhoids) and any other ghastly discomfort you may be suffering. The Postpartum Bath Herbs provide a soothing, cooling tingle that temporarily offer sweet relief if you can buy yourself a few moments to yourself in the tub. And the witch hazel-based New Mama Bottom Spray became a permanent fixture in my new diaper bag for weeks; I’d have sooner left the house without extra diapers.
Earth Mama sells a Postpartum Recovery Kit including samples of all of these products and more which makes a fantastic shower gift. In fact, if you’re a friend of mine and you’re pregnant, you can definitely expect one from me.
I like to think of it as a receiving blanket for your derriere. –Cori

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