While I’m not wholeheartedly welcoming back 80s trends like leggings and cinched belts over long sweaters (Earth to fashion designers, come in…) I am delighted about leg warmers. You heard me, leg warmers. But only because I’m not the one expected to wear them.
Mom Nicole Donnelly of Baby Legs makes the most utterly fantastic leg warmers for babies, and not the slouchy Flashdance-era thingies you’re imagining–more like thick, gorgeous thigh-highs that stretch from ankle to diaper (or big-kid undies).When I first heard about them I admit to wondering what purpose they served, but now I’ve seen the light. Baby Legs protect the little knees of new crawlers, and keep legs as warm as tights, only with easier diaper changes. Way easier diaper changes. They’re a great mother’s helper during the potty training months, and a nice extra layer to keep Bjorn-ed babies’ calves warm when their pants ride up in the carrier.
Baby Legs come in dozens of styles from earthy stripes to preppy argyle to heavy metal flames. And since they’re stretchy enough to fit kids from newborn to size 10, you only have to worry about your changing tastes, not your changing kid. I’ll take a dozen, please. –Liz


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