Although I love form and fashion, I’m a sucker for function as well. In fact I nearly cried tears of joy when shopping for baby stuff and discovered a combination baby swing/high chair combo. That’s why the flash card and mobile combination from Wee Gallery makes me happy as a clam.
The flash cards themselves are mini works of art, developed by inventor mom Surya Sajnani, with high contrast black and white graphics that small babies love. And even parents will appreciate the cute and whimsical animal designs — like the perky flowered pig in the Farm Collection and the spotted stingray that’s part of the Sea Collection.
When baby is small, you can hang pop the flashcards into the mobile and hang over her crib to provide in-room entertainment. Once baby’s become an inquisitive toddler, just unclip the cards and take them on the road.
Now that’s my favorite kind of dual use product: something the kiddos love that I can appreciate too. –Nancy

Tags: mobiles

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