I’m not a big fan of the "D" word, but when I do need to watch what I eat, I find that misery loves company. Or to put it in a more positive light, I like to have a friend to diet along with me so we can scream YEAH! together when the scale moves in the right direction.
That’s why I was pleased to find the Hungry Girl website to help me keep on track with my diet goals. Hungry Girl’s founder Lisa is an everyday gal, not a doctor, who shares her tips on healthy eating just like a good friend would.
You’ll find diet tips, product reviews, breaking nutritional news, and a great q&a. I especially love the site’s Chew the Right Thing feature (or "fabulous finds and disastrous discoveries revealed"), which compares a typical restaurant dish to a lower-calorie recipe for the same. Let’s just say that tiramisu lovers might want to be sitting down when they learn how many fat grams they’re sucking down after dinner. I’m also loving the daily Hungry Girl newsletters, which seem to show up in my e-mail inbox at just the right time each day. Like when I’m getting ready to bite into a big chocolate chip muffin. Er…I mean carrot sticks. That’s right, carrot sticks. –Nancy
[via mommytrack’d]

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