While we tend to gravitate towards monsters and robots more than princesses and ballerinas in our household, there’s something entirely capitvating about the little girl art of Colorado artist and mom Carla Sonheim. Her wide-eyed, waifish subjects adorn prints, cards (her fairy tale interpretations are great), jewelry and dozens of fabric transfers (check out Three Red Birds) that definitely make some real life little girls very happy.
But I’m especially enamored of her commissioned portraits in which Carla will immortalize the cutest kids in your life (yes, boys too) on a 6" wood block, far better than some overpriced charicaturist at the theme park every could.
If a commission is out of your range, then I suggest you check out her transfers. With so many to choose from, there’s surely one that already looks like your daughter. She’ll never know that that tee shirt or tote bag with her likeness on it wasn’t made precisely with her image in mind. –Liz


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