When it comes to making new mom friends, I have excellent intentions but admittedly, terrible follow-through. Sometimes life just gets in the way of picking up the phone and making plans. Thankfully, a fantastic new website is making it easy to connect with your existing mom groups, and even (ahem) meet new ones. MothersClick, founded by savvy mama Andra Davidson, is a valuable portal for all the moms out there in need of a little girlfriend action.
And no, it’s not another message board, I swear.
At MothersClick you can create a private, password-protected online group for your playgroup or online community which lets you post messages to one another, arrange activities, and manage calendars–a superior alternative to clogging your email folders with six billion "reply all" messages.
There’s also a bulletin board for q&a, and easy tools to help you find new mom groups based on interest and location. But of course our absolute favorite part? The syndicated content from Cool Mom Picks on the site. (See, these are smart people at MothersClick!)Unless you’re a total recluse, there’s no reason not to click over and at least check it out.
Now I just need to find a mom group in Brooklyn that meets when I’m generally free. 10pm on Sundays? Anyone? –Liz

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