We’ve highlighted many a bib here at Cool Mom Picks and I am firm believer that bibs are a necessity through toddlerdom.Which is not to say that I ever remember to actually bring them anywhere.I found a great solution in Kipiis Bib Clips, one of the many great offerings at mama HeatherLedeboer’s online boutique Mom4Life. You simply clip the two fasteners onto anything (cloth napkin, paper towel, doo-rag…) and presto! You’ve got a bib without actually having to lug one around with you–let alone lugging a filthy, sauce-coated one back home in your bag.
Environmentally, I much prefer this to the disposable bibs, and at $12, it’s more economical. Just keep it in your diaper bag at all times, and, with God as your witness, your child will never go bibless again. -Kristen


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