Ifind myself spending way too muchtime trying to break up the monotony of pink clothes in my two-year old’s wardrobe. But I’ve finally found a reason to make an exception.
At Playdate NYC, a company started by two working NYC moms (who met at a playdate in Central Park), they’re donating 20% of every purchase of any of their pink–or purple–shirts this month to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. What’s awesome is, they’re the kinds of shirts you’ll love even after October comes to a close. Each all-cotton American Apparel tee (the best!) features a handcut, hand-embroidered felt applique, from animals to initals to varsity-style numbers. Besides, it will be nice to know that when your daughter insists on pink! pink! this month, you can oblige her without feeling like you’re selling out any stylistic ideals. –Kristen[thanks, Gail!]


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