Let’s face it, some parents aren’t gourmet chefs, let alone halfway decent cooks, so when it comes time for solid foods, many of us (and yes I’m raising my hand, here) struggle with the guilt that comes with feeding the kid pears out of a jar. Enter the solution: Homemade Baby. Organic. Homemade. Delivered right to your door, ready to serve. Not to mention tasty, kosher, and whoohoo–no genetically modified anything.Husband and wife team Theresa and Matt Kiene launched the company after Theresa’s outrageously good baby food became popular with friends. They now offer an amazing range of foods for kids six months and up, and you don’t have to be Theresa’s neighbor to get your kids’ hands on them. You can even join their Yummy Tummy Club to keep that squash and sweet potatoes coming every month.On top of all this, Homemade Baby donates 10% of the food they make to charities that serve undernourished children. Once you learn more about the company, their ingredients, and their propriety meal integrity system, rest assured you will feel zero guilt about spoon feeding the kids out of the container. Can I get an amen? –RebeccaEnter discount code "coolmompicks" for 15% off your order at checkout.

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