It’s no secret that I have a thing for bags. Certainly not to anyone who’s ever opened my closet only to have dozens of them tumbling down on her head. But, as most women know: There’s always room for one more.
House+Wear is a new online store featuring a funky selection of Finnish home and personal accessories. (Oh, those funky Finns.) Their screenprinted linen handbags include the yummy, unstructured Rhumba tote, which I love in that I can just envision it slung over my shoulder this winter as I make my way through the outdoor marketplace of somewhere warm and beachy. I’m thinking the bag, plus the two plane tickets, are exactly what any woman would want to wake up to Christmas morning.You’d just better hope you’re on Santa’s nice list this year. Or at least on someone’s naughty list. –Liz


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