Shopping during the first trimester of pregnancy is a nightmare. Not big enough for the materni-tents, but too bloated for my current crop of fitted tees, I resigned myself to being doomed to fashion purgatory for a while.
Then I discovered the Ranier collection of shirts from designer and Brooklyn mom Debbie Brenner Zolan, at her way cool online boutique, Cherry Tee. They’re made from super soft supima cotton, with a flattering scoop neck (What Not To Wear will back me up on that one), and they’re long enough to keep a burgeoning belly unbared.The 1/2 sleeve style–suitable for your inner furnace–comes in five beautiful colors, or you can go Harvard Professor-meets-hipster chic with a two-toned shirt and patches at the elbows. Refreshingly free of "hey! I’m pregnant!" logos or slogans, they’re the shirts you’ll look forward to pulling out of your dresser again in about six months.
Okay, seven.
Nine? Ten? Sigh. -Liz


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