One of the downsides of our charming New York apartment – our toys outnumber our square footage. I fear any holiday gift for the kiddo bigger than a breadbox is going to have trouble finding a permanent home here–except for maybe a breadbox itself. Then at least we could store other toys in it. So I get just a little envious of homes with spacious kids’ rooms and dens and fancypants playrooms when I come across a toy like this Rocking Boat from HearthSong which you just know every kid on the planet would kill for. I love the renewable wood construction, and the nautical flag which leaves more room for imagination than your average seesaw.
While it’s certainly a splurge gift, it won’t entirely kill your gift budget at $139. Now if I only had the money to build a playroom to keep it. –Liz
[via mightygoods]


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