I am the great procrastinator. So much so in fact, that it’s a wonder I’m even writing about the December holidays a full calendar month beforehand.
If you’re like me and can never manage to get it together in time to send out those preprinted photo cards, we have a solution: the wonderful boxed sets of seasonal cards from Letterspace Paper where you just drop your own snapshot into the slot inside and send it off. I’m especially fond of designer/mom Jami Chiang’s candy cane-inspired Mod Trees style (shown here), and the retro Home for the Holidays which offer a refreshing break from all the red and green out there.
But perhaps if you’re like me, you’re best off sticking with the non-specific Seasons Greetings card. That way when you miss the last mail pick-up in time for the holidays, you’ve still got a New Year’s card that’s functional well into 2007. –Liz
[via print pattern]