There’s nothing like getting all dressed up for your much awaited date night only to find you’re lacking in fun jewelry–i.e. that which would be yanked painfully from your person by any person under six, should he be accompanying you on your date. Which, of course, he will not. The earrings from Courtney Galler, designer/owner of Lila & Rain, are those perfect pieces for any special occasion sans kids, even if that occassion is just a quick burger at the local diner. Handcrafted from stunning natural materials, gemstones, and metals, Courtney’s pieces bring a lot of style to an outfit without totally killing the Visa card.So go ahead and sport the mom attire by day. Just don’t forget to deck yourself out in the off-duty hours. Trust me, it can do wonders for date night. You might even get asked out on another one–the very next day. –Kristen


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