Holiday cards never fail to make me smile. Yes, even the ones containing a single-spaced, full-page dissertation of the year’s activities–heavy on the boredom, light on the entertainment (and ocassionally the truth). My favorite cards include pictures, but let’s be honest, most photo cards leave something to be desired in the taste department.BasicallyCards, however, actually makes the kind of photo cards you won’t have to bury way back on the mantle behind the Hallmarks. They’re printed on heavy cardstock with hip graphics and unique color combinations that you can customize yourself. Owner/mom/graphic designer Elizabeth Malakoff gives each order her personal attention, coordinating directly with you to preview and approve your order before it’s printed.
Make sure to check out the "Our Year" style which incorporates pithy statments about the havoc you and yours have been wreaking since the last holiday season. Take that, boring Christmas letters. –Julie


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