When I was young, mentioning that a child was adopted was akin to disclosing Daddy’s salary or talking about how Mommy drinks too much wine. Thank goodness for progress.
November is National Adoption Awareness month. What originally began thirty years ago as Adoption Week in Massachusetts has grown to a widely-recognized month-long campaign spearheaded by the North American Council on Adoptable Children. And so in its honor,, we’re doing what we do best – pointing you towards some awesome picks. Adopt Proud and the very cleverly named Not Showing are two small companies dedicated to spreading this celebration of love via fashion. Adopt Proud offers tees, hats and backpacks adorned with the simple phrase, adopt.
If you like a little more concept in your cause, Not Showing features a clever array of parents and kids tees, like the "just arrived" series featuring shirts that say "just arrived from Guatamala" (or China, or Russia). It’s also hard to resist the baby tees proclaiming, "I grew in mommy’s heart."Adoption: Talk about it. Celebrate it. Wear it with a pair of jeans and a cute belt. –Julie


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