Once in a while, a product happens upon us that is so genius I can’t imagine living without it. MayaLena’s Momonos are one of those too-good-to-true but thank-goodness-they-are things, a must-have for the wardrobes of all new mothers. The Momono (Mom+Kimono, get it?) is the brainchild of a busy but stylin’ mama who grew tired of spit-up stained clothing. Just throw it on over your clothes. It not only keeps your outfit oatmeal-free before you run out the door (and a binky close at hand in the front pocket), but you’ll look chic in the process. Even if you do manage to catch a few spoonfuls of goo with your chest, the colorful prints will camouflage it beautifully.
Breastfeeding mamas love the Momono all by its lonesome – the side ties make it easy to do what you gotta do. Besides, it does an awesome job at hiding that stubborn postpartum weight. Thank goodness for moms and their brilliant ideas. –Rebecca
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