It won’t be long before snow blankets much of the country, bringing with it exorbitant heating bills and mothball scented sweaters. And it also won’t be long before some of us escape it all, heading south to warmer climes.
But shopping for beachwear in winter can be next to impossible. Stores are filled with reindeer-patterned sweaters, not hibiscus-printed sundresses like the one we found at Miss Lovely California.
Whether you’re headed for a warm weather winter vacation, or you just want to reassure yourself that spring really will be on its way someday, this online boutique from mom Teresa Craft has good weather on the brain year-round. The beautifully designed and crafted children’s clothing is equally at home on a family cruise ship in December or at the neighborhood park in May.
The dress is custom-made in sizes from 2T to a girls 9/10–o order now to make sure you have one in time for your winter getaway. It’s infinitely preferable to a reindeer-patterned sweater-. Although come to think of it, isn’t everything really? –Julie


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