We tell our kids it’s what’s on the inside that matters, right? But nowthey can wear the adage–literally–with the hilarious shirts from I Heart Guts.
Take it as a bit of over the top humor, or a good way to get to know your innards, but either way, we’re loving these witty tees for parents, kids, and even the wee ones, featuring…your guts. All depicted in brilliant, japanimation-style technicolor, and accompanied by clever slogans. How can you beat I’m a Liver, Not a Fighter?
Plus, the company works together with organ transplant charities to help spread awarenessabout organ donation which saves lives every day.
If you’re looking for a great conversation piece, or a way to celebrate your heart, your uterus, or the poor unessential gall bladder, then these are the shirts for you. -Kristen


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