After the labor, delivery, and oh yeah, the pain, don’t moms deserve a little more than yet another six-pack of infant socks, or worse, one of those scary looking diaper cakes? While we’re all grateful for every baby gift we receive, it’s easy to feel a little, well, forgotten, amidst all the new baby commotion. If you’ve got a friend or relative with a kid on the way, or just need the perfect holiday idea for an expectant mom who won’t be getting a shower this time around, we love the amazing gift collections for new moms from Luxebaby Gifts. Each one features a thoughtful selection of hand-picked items for mom(and baby too!)by owners Nancy and Terri, from the $32 mini collection, right through the splurgey collections that are great to go in on with friends. They’re filled with just the kinds of things that you would chooseyourself. Except you didn’t.
But we won’t tell anyone. -Kristen
Now get free giftwrap and reduced shipping rates–just $4.95 on all orders at Luxebaby Gifts.


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