Lately, the SigOth has been dressing our daughter in the navy, red and olive garments that he’d wear himself. I’ve been insisting that we’d get fewer, "oh, how old is he?" remarks if we girled her up just a wee bit more.
I think we’ve found a compromise in the stylish tees from the mom and pop San Francisco-based operation, Bunny and Bee. Funky but not "trying hard," feminine but not girlie girl, it’s hard to resist designs like the floral lap tee (shown here) for infants, or the bird-floral toddler raglans in sizes up to 4T.If you’ve got boys in the brood, check out their brand new Little Thieves line. The Ray Gun hoodie kills me (no pun intended).
But still, I think I’ll stick with the florals for my daughter. At least until she’s old enough to reject them on her own. –Liz


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