I’m a lover, not a wrapper. My version of creative holiday giftwrapping involves creating a messy patchwork of paper from mismatched leftover scraps.
I think this year however, my gift recipients will be spared my "creativity" when I place an order with Olive Paper. Even anti-Marthas can’t blow it with their modern papers that coordinate with matching ribbons, tissues, bags and boxes.
I love the geo red giftwrap in the Mod Holiday collection, and the Christmas Moderne paper is just my brand of funky. The rolls are a massive 100-feet long so unless you’re getting everyone a massage chair this year, you’re not going to run out so fast. Plus it’s packaged in a plastic wrap-style cutter box so even sloppy scissors wielders (hello) can cut a straight line on the first try.
Less time wrapping and more time with the family? Sign me up. –Liz

[Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Olive Paper has gone out of business.]


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