When I was in middle school, I should have failed Home Economics. I burned my banana bread in cooking class, and the blouse for my final sewing project might have fit had my head been the same size as my arms. But woodshop–now that, I aced. And Aunt Ginny loved her new birdhouse.
So I was immediately drawn to the amazing kid-sized workbench at ModernTots. Constructed of replenishable plantation wood, the bench includes authentic looking woodworking tools, such as a mini vise, saw, wrench, and screwdriver. Your budding builder or architect can construct all sorts of doodads with the reusable wood pieces, nuts, and bolts that are included.
Priced at just $99, this is the perfect holiday gift for my girls. With a little practice, they’ll be building Great Aunt Ginny a new birdhouse soon enough. I think it’s time. –Nancy


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