If your kids are anything like mine, they have an obscene amount of stuffed animals and while I can’t prove it, I’m almost positive that they multiply just like real rabbits because the pile never stops growing.

Take heart: the awesome and oh-so-clever Animal Bags from Boon may be the answer to your kids’ unwieldy collections. The Animal Bags are just like bean bags except you fill them with all those stuffed animals. Voila–your child now has a comfy seat and you have handy storage to stash away the you-know-whats. Even better, you’ll never have too worry about those earth-unfriendly foam beans spilling all over the place.
I can’t decide what excites me most about Animal Bags but regardless, I’m ordering two. One for the animals we have and one for the ones that we will no doubt acquire in the upcoming year. –Izzy
Enter code COOLMOM for free shipping on your order – no oversized freight charge.
ED NOTE: After several letters from readers detailing slow delivery time and challenging customer service from this retailer, we want to advise you that all three styles of the Animal Bags by Boon are also available through ModernTots and Amazon.