When I go to pick out cards for the holidays, I just keep looking and looking at all those stacks of foil boxes, hoping something will jump out at me screaming, "Pick me! I am not sappy or cutesy, I promise!" Rarely does this happen however, and some years, I admit I find myself settling.
This year will be different, since I discovered the holiday cards at Amy Smyth Made It. These are the kinds of cards that say "I wish you a very lovely holiday oh and by the way I have excellent style and taste."
There’s a great selection of funky yet sophisticated seasonal, Christmas, and Kwanzaa cards (check out the Baby’s First Christmas card) and there are chic gift tags and holiday invites to boot.I hate to hurt the feelings of those huge corporate peddlers of holiday schlock but I’m putting Amy Smyth in charge of all my holiday communications this year. –Izzy


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