Every year, just before Christmas the stocking debate ensues at my parents’ house: "Whose is the reindeers?" "No wait, mine is the snowflakes." "Hey, his holds more than mine!"
Okay, so we’re an immature bunch.
The whole debate could be avoided if we just tossed the old, threadbare stockings of our youth and swap them out for some beautiful new designs like the collection of stockings from architect turned mom/designer Ahna Holder. Each design features bold, modern colors with exquisite hand applique work that could even draw attention away from the giant douglas fir in the room. The bold stripes and florals are wonderful, but I’m especially loving the simple ivory or red.
Best of all, there’s a small photo frame on each hook, so you’ll never forget whose is whose from year to year. That’s one less holiday fight around our parts, for sure.
Nine styles, including a coordinating tree skirt are available at Arte Bebe.Liz

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