Growing up in the midwest, I endured some harsh winter mornings at the school bus stop. I gladly donned a heavy winter coat and warm mittens, but I drew the line at hats. Even though my mother was a talented knitter, she always tried to stick me in some goofy beanie. Talk about harsh.
Maybe if she’d made something like the hats at Little Labyrinth, with funky colors and floppy stocking tops, I might have been more likely to keep my noggin covered in the cold. Mom, talented photographer, and now professional knitter, Amanda, has just launched the online shop featuring her made-to-order designs. The Sherbet Fizz hat is at the top of my list now, but in anticipation of winter storms, I may have to add a few more woolen faves as the inventory grows.
Pitch those drab grandma hats–or just keep them around for the days that grandma comes for a visit. The rest of the time, cover your little ones’ heads in style. –Julie
[thanks, tracey!]


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