There comes a time in every mom’s life when she realizes that that diaper bag she once spent hours (weeks? months?) choosing, is often obsolete. Sometimes you just want to grab a few diapers and wipes, stuff them in a Ziplock bag, and run out the door.
But that wouldn’t be very stylish now, would it.
So check out these Diaper Ditties from Bella Tunno, one of our favorite sites for cool baby gear. Each one has got pockets amply sized for a few diapers plus a wipes case, then it folds up into a convenient clutch-sized roll. So it can transform your own purse into a diaper-ready carryall, or you can just keep one beneath your stroller and save some space. Even better, you can hang it over a hook or doorknob during changes, which certainly beats balancing it on the baby’s belly.
The Diaper Ditty comes in a variety of great patterns and beautiful fabrics (I promise, the site doesn’t do them justice) so you can hold your own even when you find yourself wiping the baby’s butt among intimidating fashionista mommies. And surely that happens all the time. –LizEnter code CMP20 for 20% off your order!


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