My little girl loves jumping in puddles after a good rain. She’ll get a huge grin on her face, just before her bounding through every fallen drop in her path. The only part I have issues with, however, is the post-splashing whining about wet socks.
I think I’ve found the perfect solution for soggy feet: Trumpette’s Maryjane Rainboots, available at SAHM Jennifer Acevedo’s fun online emporium, Doody Baby. The next logical product from the company whose socks are a mainstay at baby showers everywhere, the boots add a bright splash (ha)of color to otherwise gloomy days.
I think the value proposition here is clear. Adorable rainboots: $27. Letting my girl splash and stomp to her heart’s content, while her tootsies stay warm and dry: priceless. –Nancy
Enter code "Coolmomrain" at checkout and save 10% on your order, good through March ’07.


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