Plane rides with little ones can be a challenge, particularly for those of us who actually feel a modicum of sympathy for the childless traveler who gets stuck next to us.

If you weren’t able to procure an entire row to yourself on the Jet Blue flight home from grandma’s this holiday, try diffusing the situation with a little humor. (An alternative to diffusing it with a little Benadryl.) The plane tee from clever new dad-run emporium Milkbomb may be just the thing. I figure if you can get your seatmate smiling from the get-go, he might be slower to snarl at you when he’s awakened by a set of little fingers up his nose an hour later.

The shirt comes in sizes up to 6T. Which is actually pretty scary when you think about it. –Liz

EDITED TO ADD: While the shop is no longer in business, make your own variation on the theme at Cafe Press or Zazzle