While there have certainly been years that I said, "oh we’re fine just having a mellow New Year’s Eve at home"–and actually meant it–I know that if I force myself to drag my tired butt out of the house I’ll end up way more happy than if I’d stayed in and watched the New Year’s Not-So-Rockin’ Eve on tv once again.
If you’ve managed to secure the talents of a babysitter or willing grandparent on New Year’s Eve, make sure to make the most of your night off and dress to kill. Starting with the ears.
We love the selection of earrings at Viv & Ingrid, and in particular the shoulder dusters. Because if you’re wearing a shoulder duster, that means you’re showing some shoulder, you sexy thang.
The Fandangle style starts at just under a c-note, which is probably half of what you’ll be paying for an overpriced prix fixe dinner. That is, a delicious, romantic, champagne-laden overpriced prix fixe dinner with nary a high chair in sight. Sounds like a happy New Year to me. –Liz


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