I’ve never been a fan of giving money to children as a gift. It just seems so…well, you know. It’s money. But for the kid who truly has everything–or at least expresses a bizarre interest in the Nasdaq pages of the paper–we’ve discovered the perfect alternative with GiveAshare.
You pick a single share of stock from among 75 companies, and the kid become a bonafide shareholder, with a framed stock certificate, a custom-engraved plaque in the frame, annual reports and everything. There are even special gift packages just for children and newborns.
Of course I’d recommend choosing stocks that a child might actually be into, like Disney, Dreamworks, Build-a-Bear, or the WWE. Does a kid really want a share in Pfizer? Well maybe some kids. Scary, weird kids.
Then again, those are the ones who are going to own us all in a few years. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all. –Liz


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