I think I can safely say that I was not alone in my amazement that something so small and helpless as a new baby could possibly need so much stuff. I didn’t know what gear was necessary and what was merely clever marketing, and after factoring in all the unsolicited advice from well-meaning veteran moms about bouncy seat A versus bouncy seat B, I was overwhelmed to say the least.
New parents (or those with a new baby to shop for) can rejoice in the discovery of Baby Gizmo, a comprehensive free guide to all the current baby gear, toys, and nursery accoutrements imaginable.
Founded by sisters Hollie Schultz and Heather McLean who have 5 under 8 between them, the site details how and why you might use each product, points to consider when choosing between items, and honest assessments of pros and cons. Plus each item includes price comparisons from several e-tailers so you can see right away who’s got it in stock, and who’s selling it for 50% more than they should (tsk tsk).
In short, the editors of Baby Gizmo provide rational and objective input, unlike your neighbor who insists that you cannot possibly survive without a wipe warmer. Now, just smile and nod at her helpful tip, then make tracks to Baby Gizmo for the straight scoop. –Julie

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