I love hunting for personalized art for children. But I admit an aversion to those painted plaques adorned with the ubiquitous puffy-pen scribbled names. I suppose I like my art to be actual art and not some craft project from the nice old lady down the block.
If you’re like me, you’ll love the custom name prints from Bella the Busy Bee-Happy Art for Kids. Your child’s name is illustrated with a series of funky little animals, one for each letter, each beautifully rendered by San Francisco-based artist Jenny Villanueva. What’s more, each animal has the letter cleverly hidden right into the drawing. So young kids will be drawn to the bright colors, but as they grow, they can enjoy their artwork on a whole new level.
Plus it’s so cool that Busy Bee donates 10% of all profits towards domestic violence prevention.Each print is one-of-a-kind, signed and numbered, at a price which makes it a very special but accessible newborn gift. One that assuredly won’t end up in the "where the heck do we display this thing?" pile. –Liz
Order your print now, framed or unframed, at a reduced price for a limited time.


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