My toddler is a visual learner, which is to say it’s hard for her to grasp concepts she can’t see right in front of her. Unfortunately, this means she knows her animals, but refers to her out-of-town grandparents by the toddler equivalent of "hey, you."
I think it’s time to order Rosie her own set of Goosie Cards–big, glossy, laminated flash cards for children that you customize to feature your own text and photos.
Founder Jennifer Marchetti developed them to help her son learn his family members, but the uses go way beyond that; capture holidays, document a trip to see the cousins, teach an adoptive child about his new neighborhood, or put your photo skills to work and make your own set of ABC cards. If you’d rather not use your own pics, you also can make use of the Goosie Cards stock library which has clean graphics of foods, colors, sign language and more. Me? I’m going the family route. I can’t wait to see the look on my mother-in-law’s face when Rosie calls her Grandma for the first time. –Nancy


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