I have learned over the past 18 months that fancy packaging is no indication of a great baby lotion. I started with the highest-end, la-di-da, imported line of products, only to find they reeked like a perfume counter saleswoman exploded all over the nursery. Now I’m doubly skeptical of anything until I try it myself.
This past week, I sampled some baby products from Canadian Bug & Pickle and today I’m smiling. Can you see me smiling?
Co-founders and sisters Nicole and Kim Critten totally get it. The packaging is appealing (attention, gift givers!), the base ingredients are all-natural, and the smell? Divine. I know that scents are subjective but the gentle notes of lavender, chamomile and sweet orange are just my thing.Bug & Pickle’s new online store makes it easy to get your hands on everything they carry from a really nice, lightweight lotion, to an aloe-based diaper rash gel, to a scalp oil to help nip cradle cap in the bud. Or pick up their Essentials Gift Pack and introduce a new mom friend to the whole array. It even includes a little something something for mom herself, provided she doesn’t take a tub of Belly Cream the wrong way.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go smell my baby one more time. -Liz
Mention Cool Mom Picks on ordering and get a free travel size diaper gel with orders over $25.

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