While I’m pretty laid back in most areas of my life, as far as party planning I cannot let one detail go overlooked–handpicked favors, handmade invites, the works. When it came time for my baby shower, you can imagine that I was a full-blown nutcase.
If you have a friend who’s like me, and you’re kind enough to throw her a shower, first, you have my sympathies. Second, check out the completely one-of-a-kind paper goods from Bird and Banner. From handprinted minifabric diapers to sweet and sleekpaper cards, these twoladieswill work together to create the perfect shower invitations (and soon, baby announcements), all of which are entirely handmade. They’re just the way you’d do it if you only had the time, energy, and creativity. Which you don’t.
Eventually your friend will realize she’s very lucky to have you. On the outside chance she hasn’t already mentioned it. -Kristen

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