I remember browsing the web for infant sleep sacks when I was pregnant and thinking, great concept, lame-o execution. It’s not that they didn’t work, it’s just that they were…how do I say this delicately…ugly? Or plain at best.
Finally I’ve come across one that’s worthy of the beautiful sleeping baby inside it. Beebee Mod has created the most gorgeous handmade sleep sacs available at Simple Me Boutique. It comes in a nice array of fabrics–I particularly dig the floral bouquet and the pink kelo–that you won’t mind covering up the cute pjs with. Plus, no snaps. Hooray for small favors!
Trust me, the photos on the site don’t do this sleep sack justice. Each one is lovingly made to order, the detailing is beautiful, and the inner flannel lining is as comfy as can be. This is a gift a new mama will love opening. But I assure you, she’ll only appreciate it ten times more the first night it helps her get more than two consecutive hours of sleep. –Liz
Save 10% off orders of $40 or more at Simple Me Boutique with code COOL.


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