In theory the idea of a teething necklace is kind of cool, but in actuality, I think of it like letting your dog play with shoe-shaped toys — probably not thebest lesson out there. However, thenecklaces from Momma’s Jewels may have just changed my mind.
Created by mom Stacy Rosenthal who, like many of us, was sick of picking the teething ring off the ground for herlittle one, these necklaces are the ultimate marriage of fashion and function.
Made of sterling silver, the large, sturdy rings are the perfect size to occupy your little one, and definitely different than your typical delicate necklace, making it fairly easy for your child to differentiate between your diamond choker and "that cool thing mommy lets me chew on."
But most importantly, it looks like something I’d wear anyway–something I have yet to say about about any other teething necklace to date. And goodness knows it’s nice to have something bright and shiny to distract people from all the spit stains on my shirt. –Kristen


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