My first child, I’m fortunate to say, is healthy as a horse. But my second child: Ear infections up the wazoo. Even though there wasn’t a ton of medical info to keep track of, especially compared with children with real illnesses, there are many times I wish I’d written down what that Motrin dosage was or which antibiotic had her spewing fluids from both ends.
Karen Melnick, a health professional, photographer, and mom three times over, has created Your Child’s Health and Wellness Record, which is just as it sounds–a place help you keep track of all that medical stuff for personal reference. It not only has a place for every last detail concerning both routine and emergency medical care, but the companion binder is a great way to organize all those papers you’re always shoving in your diaper bags after doctor visits.
Plus, it looks good. With a hard cover and beautiful black and white photography by the author, the book won’t be an eyesore on the bookshelf–something you can’t say about spiral notebooks.
Whether your children only see the doctor for annual checkups or the whole family is on a first-name basis with the entire nursing staff, it’s always a good idea to keep your story straight. For your benefit and theirs. – Julie


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