Angst-ridden tweens need information about crazy life stuff. It’s our job as parents to provide them with just enough to to answer their questions, but not so much that it scares the living daylights out of them. And as cool as we can appear on the outside, the thought of discussing that first menstrual period may scare the living daylights out of us too.
The Dot Girl’s First Period Kit is a perfect way to introduce your adolescent daughter to what’s happening to her body without traumatizing either of you. The tiny package includes basic supplies (even a miniature heating pad) and a handy booklet with info about what to expect. I especially like the fold-up, wallet-sized calendar to help your little girl-turned-woman start tracking her cycle. Essentially, it comes with everything but the Advil–and the chocolate.
Now take a deep breath and a sip (okay, maybe a few sips) of wine, and relax. Her first period is minor compared to her first birth control question. Now that’s scary. –Julie
Yes, this was the most estrogen-laden, 180-degrees-from-the-Superbowl item we could think to review today. Football fan moms? Enjoy the game. Other moms? Enjoy the dip.