I love my old-fashioned wooden high chair but I admit, every time I see those little teddy bears on the fabric seat it came with it makes me cringe, just a little. In fact, I’m sort of glad when my daughter gets tomato sauce all over it, because that’s just a few more bears I don’t have to look at for the time being.
If you’re like me, or if you just want a high chair seat you can toss in the wash instead of digging into those nylon crevices for wayward grains of rice, take a close look at the handsewn high chair covers from Canadian mum-run Generation Baby. Stain-resistant, wipeable, washable, padded…stylish. What more could you ask for?
The universal sizing should transform pretty much any high chair into a haute chair, unless you’ve got something wacky (and probably Danish) in that kitchen of yours. Buh-bye, bears. –Liz
[thanks, carol!]


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