In an ideal world, every child would rush to the craft drawer immediately following his birthday and handwrite a heartfelt thank you note to acknowledge each gift. After which, he’d clean up his workspace.

Then give you a foot massage.
In the real world, I’m loving The Color N Kids cards from Portland-based Stubby Pencil Studio. These packs of birthday cards, get well cards or blank notes are adorned with classic coloring book illustrations to inspire even reluctant note-writers to get out the Crayolas and literally make their mark, even if is only on the outside.
The designs aren’t entirely surprising–cakes and party hats for the birthday cards, themes like animals and toys on the blank notes (although I do love the Six in Space set and the transportation cards)–but that’s also what makes them so versatile. Use them equally for the kids to wish Uncle Jeff a speedy recovery or thank Noah for the regifted box of Legos that you bought him last year.
In time you just might raise a kid with great manners. Add that to your ideal world list. –Liz
[thanks, asha]


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