Have I mentioned that my kitchen and its various electrical appliances intimidate me? That sometimes even the the relatively benign coffee pot has turned on me in my hour of need? One morning not long ago, it tried to brew up something completely undrinkable, thereby ruining my entire day. Lack of decent coffee has that effect on me.But I have since turned the tables on that impertinent appliance. It didn’t know that I had a packet of Java Juice, an organic liquid coffee extract, on hand. Mix it with hot water, and you’ve got instant coffee that doesn’t taste like instant coffee. No really, I swear. The flavor is definitely on par with top-notch coffee beans, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.It’s a great back-up when your coffee jones hits in the middle of Elmo and there’s no way you’ll make it out to the deli. Or keep them in the car when you find yourself at the McDrive-Thru, and spare yourself the trauma of any nasty alternative.Coffee pots, be warned. You may find yourselves on the endangered species list.

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