Once upon a time, a doll featuring huge eyes, long lashes and skimpy skirts wouldn’t call to mind tasteless mass produced slut dolls that enrage millions of moms; but rather hip 60s-era fashion icons.
That’s exactly what you’ll get with the super swanky ginadolls. Originally made as limited edition collectibles by photographer Gina Garan (from This is Blythe fame) and Aussie artist Christina Gordon, they’re now available online at Craftsbury Kids–which is way easier than lining up at 3am on the streets of Tokyo to get your hands on one like their first owners did.More Twiggy than Bratz, these awesome mod chicks are a very cool addition to an older girl’s collection. If your kid is on the young side, I only recommend you keep them up on the top shelf. At least until she’s old enough not to suck on their arms. –Liz
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