It seems like overnight, our refrigerator became a full-on child’s art gallery. And while I love checking out my daughter’s masterpieces every time I go for a snack, that old fridge door just doesn’t do her creations any justice.
That’s why I’m loving thisDesign Your OwnLamp from The Spotted Goose Co. Simply slide your favorite drawing of the week (or, if you prefer, photos) between the double shades and presto — you’ve got a one-of-a-kind home accessory. Plus, you can change it whenever the mood hits, or in our case, whenever a new drawing is torn out of the pad.At just $30, it makes a fabulous gift for any family member, or even the little artist herself. The way I see it, why buy Phillip Stark for Target when you can own an original Olivia for the Johnson home? -Kristen
[via Oh My That’s Awesome]


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