Considering how far the career possibilities for women have come even since we were kids, it blows my mind that it’s still hard to find art depicting girls much beyond princesses, ballerinas, and the ocassional generic animal lover. (Veterinarian? Or just crazy cat lady in the making?)
YoonKids, where have you been all my daughter’s life! The Yoon sisters have created an absolutely amazing array of characters demonstrating that anything boys can do, girls doing better (or equally as well, to be fair). You’ll find everything from an astronomer and scientist to artsier selections like a painter, a potter, a cellist, and a filmmaker. Plus, girls participating in sports beyond gymnastics. You mean we can be snowboarders too?Here’s the best part – you not only pick your super-achieving sister of choice, you get to customize her hair and skin color, and even the background color of the piece. The whole thing is then custom-printed on high quality canvas and hand-stretched on a professional frame. You can even add a name or birthdate and turn it into a spectacular baby gift. After all, a girl’s never too young to dream. –Liz
WIN IT! We have a fantastic scientist print from YoonKids to give away to one lucky winner. Just email by midnight with the answer to the question: What are the three instruments played by the YoonKids classical musicians?


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