Anything that gets me a little more excited to spend time in the kitchen is a good thing indeed. And by time in the kitchen, I don’t mean standing at the fridge in the middle of the night, looking for the last ice cream bar that someone ate without asking my permission.
With the handprinted dishtowels from Lisa Price at ArtGoodies, you might even find me drying the dishes after I’ve washed them. I love the linocut block print birds, available individually or as a set of six. Also check out the butterfly and the yummy pink cupcake. There are even aprons to match.The towels don’t exactly take the work out of housework. But they do make me just a wee bit happier to spend time with my hands in the sink. That’s no small feat. -Liz [via design mom]
WIN IT! A set of three towels in your choice of patterns. Just email by midnight tonight with the answer to the question: Where does artist Lisa Price live and create?


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