There’s something frustrating about spending a month searching for the perfect handbag, only to proudly wear it out of the house the first time…and run into four other people proudly wearing it out of the house. I really think there should be a rule against that.
If you’re like me, and you feel a bit more "one of a kind" than the average mall-store purse would indicate, then consider the handmade bags from Montessori school teacher and accessories designer Melissa Johnson of Dear John.
Her purses are all made with 100% recycled fabrics and hardware, making your bag (you know, the one you’re going to go buy right now) the only one of its kind out there.
With prices in just the $30-60 range, you won’t bust your wallet. Oooh, one-of-a-kind wallet. Now there’s a thought… -Kristen
[thanks Kristin!]


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