I don’t care how convincing the saleswoman in the overpriced maternity shop is when she assures you "oh but no, our super-overpriced maternity pants can’t possibly fall down around your ankles every time you bend over"–she’s lying. And I have the incriminating plumber’s butt snapshots this pregnancy to prove it.
But a month or so ago my dignity was mercifully restored, as I was given an exclusive sample of brand spankin’ new Bottoms Up. Amazing! Wonderful! Glorious!
I cannot rave enough about these little mom created, suspender-like doodads that simply hook your bra to your pants thereby keeping the latter up where they belong. They came out the same time as a similar product, and yet I can assure you that Bottoms Up tops them, big time. Onto the questions: No, they don’t pull your bra down. No, they’re not uncomfortable. Yes, you have to unclip them when you pee but boy, that’s a small price to pay when the alternative is a public peek at the maternity butt. And the fact that they clip in two places on your pants instead of one means you don’t end up with that waistline sag around the sides. So smart. I suggest you get two: A fun print, and then a nice subtle nude for under white tops. Because if there’s anything worth $24, it’s the self-esteem of a pregnant woman. –Liz
Ed. 7/9: The price of bottoms up are now $19.75. Cool!


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